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Please see our most frequently asked questions below regarding the Safari Quest family activity experience. 

  • What is Safari Quest?
    SAFARI QUEST is a unique, interactive, self-drive family experience over 700 acres at the 5* Palmerstown House Estate. Visit 5 fantastical worlds of weird & wonderful creatures in the comfort and safety of your own car and family bubble. Join the intrepid explorers as you navigate through the Magical Forest, visit the Land of Giants and embark on a journey of discovery through Space Exploration. Adventurers will then tackle Jurassic Jungle before ending the quest Under the Sea. Before arriving at the event, families will download the interactive app where they can choose a team name and photo. Each family will assign a driver, navigator and quest heroes who will have different responsibilities during the adventure from driving the route, to managing the app and looking out for the magical clues. Our fantastic Safari Quest Guide - Billy Brave will lead you through the magical worlds and prompt you to look out for clues. Answer the questions correctly to unlock the next world. It is an evening event, beginning at dusk. Guests can book in for their preferred timeslot and upon arrival follow the lead Safari vehicle in a convoy to complete the hour-long journey. Unravel the mysteries and return as heroes, each family will receive a Scroll of Victory via the app once they have succeeded.
  • Where is Safari Quest located?
    Safari Quest will be taking place at Palmerstown House Estate, Johnstown Co Kildare. We are located just off exit 8 on the N7. We are a 2 minutes drive from the Naas Ball, a 15 minute drive from Newlands Cross / M50 Red Cow Junction and a 45 minutes from Dublin City Centre.
  • Who is Safari Quest suitable for?
    Safari Quest is most suited to families with Children aged 4 - 14. But it is open to all ages and our Twilight times may be more suited to families with younger children.
  • How much are tickets?
    Tickets are priced per car, and there are two different rates depending on the time: Twilight (reduced rate) and Standard (regular rate) plus booking fees. Twilight Tickets: These tickets are available for the first half hour of the evening's event. This time is more suited to families with younger children and for those with extra sensory needs. These are reduced ticket prices: Twilight Admit 1 Car with up to 5 Passengers: €65 Twilight Admit 1 Car with 6-8 Passengers: €75 Standard Tickets: All other times are priced at our standard rate: Standard Admit 1 car with up to 5 Passengers: €75 Standard Admit 1 Car with 6-8 Passengers: €85
  • Why is there a booking fee added?
    There is a booking fee charge of €5.90 per car ticket. There are charges passed on to us by 3rd party services used to process ticketing fees, transfers and credit/debit card transactions, also for the installation and maintenance of systems and software and all other costs associated with our ticketing system and its delivery. Please note that refunds under any circumstances, only apply to ticket prices and not to booking fees. Booking fees are charged at the start of a transaction for services and cannot be refunded by the operator.
  • Do you have Autism friendly times?
    Our ‘Twilight times’ which are the first half hour of each evening are deemed as most suitable for guests with extra sensory needs. We have made adjustments to the experience to allow for this. You can choose to keep the sound low on the app, all videos are subtitled.
  • When is Safari Quest happening?
    Safari Quest will open the gates on Dec 27th 2020 - Jan 3rd 2021
  • Is there accommodation available nearby?
    Although there is no accommodation on site at the venue, we do recommend nearby hotels: - Killashee Hotel- You can book with them directly - Westgrove Hotel - book directly and use promo code 'SAFARI' for €10 off
  • Where do I download the app?
    By searching for ‘Safari Quest Explorer App’ in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Or using these links: APPLE ANDROID Note the app doesn’t require an internet connection to operate, but it does require an internet connection to download it, so as we are in a remote location with low signal, we strongly encourage you to do this from home and have the app set up and ready to go for when you arrive.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Please bring your barcoded ticket to present on arrival (preferably on mobile, or printed if necessary). Tickets will be scanned contactlessly via your car window by a Safari Quest Team member. Please ensure you bring a phone or tablet with the Safari Quest Explorer App pre-downloaded onto it. Note the app does not need an internet connection to operate, but it does to download it so as we are in a remote location we strongly encourage you to do this from home and have it set up and ready to go for when you arrive. For a better sound experience, we recommend guests to connect their device to their car speakers, or bring a portable bluetooth speaker to connect to their device. This is not essential, just recommended. Putting your phone on 'Do not disturb' is a good idea to avoid any interruptions as the app guides you through the route
  • When should we arrive?
    Please aim to arrive at least 15 - but maximum 30 minutes before your allocated start time on your ticket. Please allow time for any traffic delays, weather conditions etc.
  • Where do I get the code to unlock our Safari Quest on the app?
    When you arrive at Palmerstown House Estate, a member of the Safari Quest team will check your ticket and issue you with the code to begin your Safari Quest.
  • Can I change my booking date / time?
    If you think you may need to change your booking date or time, please ensure you create an account at the time of booking. You can change your booking only once, up to 96 hours before your scheduled visit. There will be a €5 admin charge to change your ticket to another date/time.
  • What if the event cannot go ahead due to further government restrictions?
    We will continue to monitor the evolving situation regarding covid-19. Should your booking be affected by new restrictions and protocols, we will do our very best to assist in rescheduling where possible and appropriate. Management will offer refunds beyond our normal T&C’s if new government protocols in your district, or our district require it. Please note that only ticket prices will be refunded, any booking fees paid are non-refundable under any circumstance as they are paid to 3rd parties for the payment processing and ticketing service.
  • What precautions have you taken re Covid-19?
    This is an ‘arrive in your car, stay in your car’ event, specially designed for the times we now live in. Throughout the experience you will be in the comfort and safety of your own car and family bubble. We use contactless ticket scanning on entry via the car window. We have assessed all aspects of the experience and have taken all steps necessary to comply with current Government directives and protocols. Social distancing, site hygiene & the appointment of dedicated Covid-19 safety personnel will ensure the safest of environments for all guests and staff. As restrictions have eased we have added a festive village with funfair and food market - this is entirely optional - guests can choose if they want to park up and avail, all safety precautions and guidelines will be followed in this area
  • Are there vehicle height restrictions?
    Yes 2.3m max height without pre approval. Only domestic vehicles are allowed access. Commercial transporters, minibuses or small coaches must get prior written confirmation approving their vehicle in advance. Large CIA he’s and buses are not suitable or allowed to this event.
  • What are the roles for my family when they are at the Quest?
    The Quest Heroes (the kids!) - Enjoy choosing a fun team name and taking a team photo before coming along - Play around with our 'Safari Selfie' feature on the app - On the day be ready for the challenge - Wear your favourite adventure clothes - Listen carefully to your Safari Guide, Billy Brave on the app - He will explain the next challenge - Look closely as you are driven through each world of the experience for clues - Tell the navigator the answer to each challenge The Navigator - Download the app in advance (we will send you a link to this before your visit) - Enter your Team name - Take a team photo - Ensure you bring a the tablet / phone that you have the app downloaded on and ready to go - Make sure your tablet or phone is fully charged - Turn the volume up, connect your device to the car sound system , or even bring a portable bluetooth speaker to connect to for the best sound experience - Have your barcoded ticket ready for scanning on arrival - on your phone / tablet or printed - Enter the code given to you on arrival to begin your quest - Follow the instructions on screen as your hosts guides you through the experience - For the best experience, do not skip ahead to the next pages until appropriate - Guide your team to keep their eyes peeled and be very observant so that you correctly answer the multiple choice question after each world - Correct answers will unlock the next world - If you don’t get it right, it will prompt you to try again The Driver - the Guardian - You must be over 20 yrs and hold a full driving licence - The driver and vehicle must hold a valid insurance policy certificate - The vehicle must meet all legal standards for road worthiness - Drive safely & always adhere to the rules of the road and the speed limits we have set for your self-drive quest - Ensure your car is ready for a night experience. Consider: lights, fuel levels, windscreen wipers, safe tyres. Can all guests see clearly outside from their seated positions? - Focus on the car ahead of you and the road - Follow staff and road signage instructions
  • Will there be food available?
    Yes there will be food options available - more info to come
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